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YVC-300Product Code: YVC-300

The Yamaha YVC-300 is a portable conference phone optimized for use by small groups. Unlike many user-carried devices, the phone delivers ample sound to fill huddle rooms and small conference spaces so users won’t find themselves hovering around the phone struggling to hear. The YVC-300 is a perfect choice for organizations that want to offer YVC-300high-quality group communications solutions without the cost of dedicated equipment for every conference room or open collaboration space. Users can simply borrow a device from an available supply and return it at the end of the meeting.

Three connection options make the YVC-300 a versatile conference phone. PC-based audio, video and web conferencing are supported over USB. Analog audio input and output terminals can connect to video conferencing systems. Smartphones and tablets can connect over Bluetooth to use the YVC-300 as the microphone and speaker. The phone also supports fast pairing for NFC-enabled (near field communication) devices. Calls placed simultaneously over any of the connection interfaces are bridged into a single call.

The YVC-300 features Yamaha’s well-known sound processing technologies that ensure clear, stress-free audio for meetings, including adaptive echo cancellation, background noise reduction and automatic voice detection.


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YVC-1000Product Code: YVC-1000

Effective remote communication through close audio/video integrationYVC1000

The YVC-1000 features separate microphone and speaker units that smoothly integrate audio and video for natural, comfortable remote communication. The high performance, full range speaker unit can be placed close to the display so that audio and video from the remote location blend naturally, while adaptive echo canceller and other Yamaha sound processing technologies facilitate stress-free conversation.

Fast, easy connection to PCs, smartphones, tablets,and dedicated conferencing systems


Connect to the YVC-1000 via USB, Bluetooth*1, or the audio terminals*2 of a conferencing system for high quality audio in your conferences and meetings. This range of connection options allows you to quickly adapt to a variety of communications environments, as well as situations where conferencing might otherwise be difficult due to the lack of a landline, or internet connectivity issues.
Smooth Bluetooth connection using Near Field Communications (NFC)*3 technology

Connect simply and easily by placing an NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet over the NFC logo on the top of the control unit while the Bluetooth button is blinking*4.

    *1 Supports the mSBC codec for transmission of broadband data.
    *2 RCA pin plugs.
    *3 NFC may not function correctly with some NFC-compatible devices.
    *4 If you press the Bluetooth button once, it flashes in blue.



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