Celebrating 35 years

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Why Buy Interquartz?



Who are we?


At Interquartz our philosophy is a simple one.  To build high quality, value for money desk telephones and to cater for all your business requirements.

Consequently, Interquartz desk telephones are the phones of choice in the Corporate, Financial, Health, Government, Educational, Industrial, Hotel & Hospitality and SME/SoHo market sectors.

Our markets include Australia and the Pacific.


What makes us different?  The thickness & quality of the plastic


This is a very important part of the desk telephone and represents a large percentage of the overall cost.  To save money, a thinner, less flexible plastic could be used but this type of plastic is very brittle and likely to crack after a period of heavy usage in a business environment.  In addition we ensure that the plastic is Ultra Violet stable, meaning that it won't change colour under high natural light conditions.


What makes us different?  Amplified headset ports   


The headset port on our desk telephones features a high quality built-in amplifier delivering the best possible audio, even on our most basic headset telephones.  As a new addition to our range we have introduced two "EHS" (Electronic Hook Switch) models that feature a very significant improvement for those users who wish to deploy wireless headsets.


What makes us different?  Inductive coupling in every telephone for hearing aid users


At Interquartz we try to cater for all needs inside a standard product.  Think how easy it is for your sales people knowing that if hearing aid compatibility is a requirement they know with confidence all Interquartz desk telephone products will suit.


What makes us different?  Double injection moulded keys - numbers will never fade 


Silk screen printed keypad numbers can fade, wear away or be attacked by chemicals.  Interquartz keypads on all desk telephone models are double injection moulded so that the markings are actually moulded into the button. Like a stick of "Blackpool Rock" confectionery or a multi coloured "Licorice allsort", the coloured marking goes all the way through the button and will never fade away.


What makes us different?  Expensive silicon rubber feet 


How many times have you stretched the handset cord too far only to find your telephone leaps across the desk, taking with it your cup of nice hot coffee?  The Interquartz solution to this problem is to employ specially selected silicon rubber feet.  Combined with our especially soft curly cord your Interquartz desk telephone is much more likely to remain firmly in place.


What makes us different?  Broader compatibility 


After 35 years servicing the Australian business market we have learnt a great deal about the technology within the various brands of PABX and exchange equipment in use. With a technically focused product development program over that period, we have achieved a broader range of system compatibilities, "message waiting" indicator solutions and other specialities than our competitors.