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Telephone Line Switches

Privacy SwitchProduct Code:

 Privacy Switch is designed to allow any Dial Out only telephone device to share any existing telephone line.Privacy Switch

  • Share a Dial Out Modem on a Fax line or a PABX line
  • Share a Pay Phone on a Fax line or a PABX line
  • Features and Benefits
  • Save unnecessary telephone rental and installation costs
  • Exclusion facility prevents Barge-In by one device on the other.
  • Operation of the Primary Telephone Device is unaffected
  • Accessory Telephone device can only access the telephone line when it is free
  • Inexpensive - Easy 'Plug In' Installation
  • Two Year Warranty

IQ333SPrivacy Switch User Guide

Line SelectorProduct Code:

Two Line SwitchLine Selector


LINE SELECTOR will allow ONE TELEPHONE DEVICE to be connected to TWO separate telephone lines.

This means that you can connect your EFT-POS, Cordless Phone, Fax Machine or ANY other Telephone Device to Two Telephone lines.

  • Connect One Telephone Device to Two Separate Telephone Lines
  • Suitable for Faxes, Modems, Cordless Telephones or Any Device   
  • Connect to Any Two Lines - Standard Telecom, PABX, ISDN or even VOIP
  • Automatically Receive Calls from either line
  • Make calls on either line

IQ333SLine Selector User Guide

Multiple Number SwitchProduct Code:

Multiple Number Switch will separate your Multiple Number Calls from your Normal Number Calls.Multiple Numbe Switch

With Multiple Number Switch, you can specify which Telephones that you want to ring for each number.

Telstra's Multiple Number service will allow TWO SEPARATE TELEPHONE NUMBERS to be used on ONE TELEPHONE LINE.

This will allow you to have a separate number for both your business and your personal use, or the second number could also be used for any other application where you wish to separate incoming calls, (ie your children's line or even your granny flat).

MULTIPLE NUMBER SWITCH will analyse the FIRST INCOMING RING for all incoming calls, regardless of the number that has been dialled and connect the incoming call only to those telephones that are required to RING.

This device also provides BARGE-IN protection. This will ensure that a conversation taking place on one number (for example your business number), cannot be interrupted by any telephone that is connected to the other number (for example your personal number).

When your EXISTING TELEPHONE NUMBER is called, MULTIPLE NUMBER SWITCH will connect this call direct to the telephone(s) that are connected to the PRIMARY NUMBER port of the Line Sharer.  These telephones will RING as normal, following a delay of 1 RING, which the Line Sharer uses to determine the number called.

However, when your NEW NUMBER is called, your telephone exchange will immediately generate a NEW RING PATTERN down your line, which is different to your normal ring pattern.  This new DISTINCTIVE RING pattern will be detected by your MULTIPLE NUMBER SWITCH during the first incoming ring, at which point it will connect the incoming call to the telephone(s) that are connected to the MULTIPLE NUMBER port of the Line Sharer.  These telephones will then RING (with a slightly different pattern), following a delay of 1 RING, which the Line Sharer uses to determine the number called.

Regardless of the number that has been called, the operation of the Line Sharer is TRANSPARENT.  Your caller will simply hear the NORMAL RING PATTERN until the call has been answered.  All telephone equipment used on the EXISTING NUMBER (such as a Cordless Telephone, Answering Machine, Fax Machine, Modem or other device) will not be affected by the installation of the Line Sharer or the use of the alternative NEW NUMBER.  They will continue to operate as normal.


IQ333SMultiple Number Switch User Guide