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The Conference Phone, Evolved


FLX UC 1500Product Code: FLX UC 1500

"The FLX UC 1500 gives IT professionals the tools they need to establish a common teleconferencing infrastructure,” said Timothy Root, CTO and EVP Business Development, Revolabs.  “It supports USB audio and SIP Flex UC 1500telephony, which today is the closest thing to having an international standard.  Users can bridge calls and meet needs for meetings of up to 18 participants. Complementing our huddle space and small-to-medium size solutions, the FLX UC 1500 reinforces the Revolabs promise of providing comprehensive collaboration products for any customer — regardless of call source, room size, or number of participants".

With two directional microphones, the FLX UC 1500 easily extends the solution’s voice pickup range in order to satisfy the intelligibility requirements of larger conferencing spaces.  Part of Revolabs’ wired microphone line, the beautifully designed external devices enable incomparable sound quality that is resistant to GSM noise, in addition to an unmatched signal-to-noise ratio and supported frequency range that creates a best-of-breed audio capture experience.

Ideal for office spaces using VoIP or PC-based conferencing, FLX UC 1500 IP conference phone removes the need to provide separate conferencing units for IP communications and USB requirements such as softphone calls, webinars, and other computer-based collaboration.  As a single inclusive solution, the FLX UC 1500 also increases convenience for IT managers and meeting participants by letting users join any type of call — solving today’s problem of switching equipment or managing multiple solutions per room in order to accommodate UC desktop applications or PBX-based systems.

Equipped with premium tweeter and mid-woofer elements, four microphones, two additional extension microphones, and integrated acoustic echo cancellation, the FLX UC 1500 conference phone provides wideband frequency response to bring spectacular-sounding audio to conference calls, desktop audio, or PC communication tools whether on premise or in the cloud.  Designed to integrate easily with any third-party application, the FLX UC 1500 also features a convenient dialer with a 3.5-inch color display and USB support, which allows users to connect the unit easily to any PC, Mac®, or Chromebook™ for use with communication applications such as Skype™, Microsoft® Lync®, IBM® Sametime®, Vidyo®, WebEx®, and more.


  • Supports Bridging SIP and USB Calls
  • Capacitive Touch Buttons for On-Hook, Off-Hook, Volume Up/Down, Mute
  • 12-key telephone keypad, 4 context-dependent soft keys, 5 Navigation buttons with select key, On-Hook,
  • Off-Hook, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Redial, Menu
  • 3.5in diagonal color graphics display, 480x320 pixels
  • Date & Time Display, User-configurable Local Contact List, Call History (Missed Calls, Placed Calls, Received
  • User-Selectable Ring Tones, Unicode UTF-16 Character Support, Multilingual User Interface
  • Capacitive Touch Button for Mute and Status indicator
  • 4 embedded directional microphones
  • 2 directional extension microphones
  • Power over ethernet (PoE)
  • Mini USB 2.0 Connector
  • SRTP/SRTCP Support (RFC 1889), IETF SIP support (RFC 3261 and companion RFCs), SSIP, Password protected configuration files, Password protected login, HTTPS Secure Provisioning
  • DHCP or Static IP, Server Based Central Provisioning, Web Portal for Individual Unit Configuration


IQ333SFLX UC 1500 Product Data Sheet


IQ333SFLX UC 1500 Quick Start Guide


IQ333SFLX UC 1500 User Manual





Revolabs FLX2Product Code: FLX2-200

Bring a Whole New Level of Freedom and Flexibility to Your Audio and Video ConferencingRevolabs Flx

Are you ready to colour outside the lines when it comes to your audio and video conferencing?  Then leave “business as usual” behind for an experience like no other with the Revolabs FLX™ wireless conference phone.  The FLX completely redefines the traditional design of conference phones.  Developed specifically for conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environments, the system comprises several distinct components, giving users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones, and dial pad.

The FLX was designed to adapt to you, and not the other way around.  For unmatched flexibility, it is available in a number of versions with different microphone configurations to best meet your specific needs:

  • FLX2-200 - two omni-directional microphones:  The perfect solution for medium-sized conference rooms where two distinct areas of the room need to be covered
  • FLX2-101 - one wearable and one omni-directional microphone: Optimized for conference room presentations with live audiences
  • FLX2 -020 - two directional microphones:  Ideal for audio or video conferences where participants are in a limited area
  • FLX2 -002 - two wearable microphones:  For conference room presentations without live audiences


The Revolabs FLX is available with either a VoIP or analog phone interface.  Plug and play set-up out of the box, the Revolabs FLX can also serve as the audio interface with virtually any major brand of video conferencing equipment, providing the same high end audio performance within video calls.  FLX’s integrated Bluetooth® technology provides a single collaboration device no matter which communication channel is used, allowing users to connect the speaker and microphones to their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

 Key Benefits

  • Versatility: Available with two microphones in VoIP or analog phone interfaces
  • Bluetooth Enabled:  Provides support for mobile devices
  • Crystal-Clear Audio:  Feel like you are all in the same room
  • No GSM Interference:  Revolabs wireless microphones are impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices
  • Secure:  128-bit encryption means no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphone and base station
  • The Freedom of Wireless:  Microphones and the speaker can be placed throughout the room to optimize sound quality
  • Convenience:  Make private calls using the handset.
  • Cost effective:  Supports both audio and video conferencing to reduce the amount of equipment in the conference room, minimizing costs and management overhead
  • Flexibility:  Can be mixed and matched with a variety of HD wireless microphones
  • Support for the Telstra TIPT (Broadsoft) network


IQ333SRevolabs FLX2 Product Data Sheet


IQ333SRevolabs FLX2 User Guide - Analogue


IQ333SRevolabs FLX2 User Guide - VoIP


IQ333SFLX2 Microphone Configurations


IQ333SFLX2 VoIP Field Verified Compatible IP PBXs


Revolabs FLX UC 500Product Code: FLX UC 500

From desktop workspaces to conference rooms, the Revolabs FLX UC 500 sets the new audio standard for PC-based unified communications FLX UC 500applications.  Combining superior technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing, the FLX UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for your communication needs and easily gives the “Best in Class” audio performance changing the price / performance paradigm in this space.  Specifically designed to be the audio solution for conference rooms, small offices and homes, the UC 500 offers new possibilities to use PC communication applications for meetings and online collaboration.

True Speaker Sound

The FLX UC 500 provides professional quality audio through powered tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements.  With an audio bandwidth extending beyond that of typical communication devices, the FLX UC 500 can handle any audio requirement, whether that is the conference call with the CEO, or listening to your favorite music.  The increased frequency range allows superb call intelligibility for all languages and users.

Microphone Coverage

Four built-in microphones give the UC 500 full 360° coverage of audio capture.  The high quality microphones capture a wide frequency spectrum, making the FLX UC 500 the ideal solution for any communication application.  No longer will people have to lean close to the microphone pickup or shout to be heard.  Instant Messenger applications, softphone calls, and webinars will all sound better using the FLX UC 500, and be assured that the far end will hear you clearly as well.

Integrated Echo Cancellation and Full Duplex Technology

The FLX UC 500 provides echo cancellation for all of its microphones “in the box”.  No additional processing is required on the PC to ensure the best possible audio signal.  The FLX UC 500 supports full duplex audio at all times, allowing for audio play back and audio capture simultaneously.  Real discussions between conference participants are finally possible.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved PC communication application performance for meetings and online collaboration
  • Tweeter and midwoofer speaker elements for superior audio quality, clarity, and volume
  • Four corner microphones provide full 360° coverage of audio capture

Features Include:

  • Two-element loudspeaker
  • Frequency response: 160-20,000 Hz
  • Volume: Adjustable to 91 dB at 1m peak volume
  • Four integrated microphones
  • Frequency response: 160-12,000 Hz
  • Individual acoustic echo cancellation per microphone
  • Full Duplex audio
  • Volume control with audible feedback
  • Mute On/Off control
  • Automatically optimized echo performance for each audio path, based on acoustic environment
  • Comfort noise fill
  • Noise filter
  • Mini USB 2.0 audio connection

Download the free Windows call-control utility here .


IQ333SFLX UC 500 Product Data Sheet

FLX UC 1000Product Code: FLX UC 1000

Made to provide collaboration teams the ability to bridge calls between market-leading IP PBX systems and USB applications, FLX UC 1000 is as easy as plug-and-play with PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and other FLX UC 1000devices for practically any environment.  The device contains genuine tweeter and mid-woofer elements and four integrated microphones, with a sleek external dial pad.

It not only looks great, it sounds great too.  The system also delivers wideband sound for seamless communication in any teleconference setting.  Connect the speakerphone to any laptop, PC, or tablet for use with communication applications such as Skype™, Vidyo®, Microsoft® Lync®, Cisco® Jabber, WebEx®, and many others.  Ideal for huddle rooms, executive offices and small to medium-sized conference rooms.  The FLX UC 1000 provides an ideal solution to bridge the gap between USB and VoIP for true unified collaboration.


  • High Fidelity audio for authentic sound with dual tweeter and mid-woofer elements and full 20 KHz bandwidth
  • Standard SIP support for IP PBX’s and cloud or on-premise environments
  • Full Duplex technology with four microphones incorporating fully integrated Echo Cancellation for clear conference calls and high volume
  • Enables truly Unified Communications by supporting both USB audio and SIP telephony
  • Allows users to connect to IP telephone systems and laptop, PC, or tablet for use in communication applications such as Skype™, Microsoft Lync™, IBM Sametime®, WebEx™, and more
  • Serves as a bridge between communications channels, allowing a mix of SIP and USB audio conference calls
  • Perfect for BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environments such as offices, huddle rooms and small conference rooms


IQ333SFLX UC 1000 Product Data Sheet


IQ333SFLX UC 1000 User Guide


IQ333SFLX UC 1000 Quick Start Guide