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Plug Adapter Recall Information

Australia and New Zealand Plug Adapter Replacement Program

On Tuesday October 2, 2012 Plantronics announced a voluntary product recall program for Plug Adapters distributed with several Plantronics products prior to March 26, 2012.  A Recall Notice will also appear in major daily newspapers.

The decision to replace these Plug Adapters was made after Plantronics received reports that in certain rare circumstances, the faceplate of the Plug Adapter may separate from the main body of the Plug Adapter and remain in the power outlet, which could leave live power contacts exposed and present the risk of an electric shock.

While the probability of this occurring is extremely low at less than 1 occurrence for every 100,000 adapters distributed and only two relatively minor electric shocks have been reported, customer safety remains the top priority.  As such, Plantronics is offering to replace all of the Plug Adapters at issue with a new, redesigned Plug Adapter free of charge to all Plantronics customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Identifying Products with the Affected Adapter

From March 26, 2012 onward, all products shipped to Australia use the Redesigned Plug Adapter and do not need replacement.  Products that already include the new Plug Adapter are marked by a black triangle sticker affixed to their packaging.  For each commercial product without the black triangle sticker Plantronics will provide dealers with a Redesigned Plug Adapter.

Outside of the packaging, customers can identify whether or not their Plug Adapter is eligible for replacement by examining the faceplate of their Plug Adapter.  The redesigned Plug Adapters have a four digit date code stamped on the faceplate, the affected Plug Adapters do not.

Customer Replacement Program and Additional Information

Plantronics end customers who own a product on the list should visit the replacement program website at www.plantronics.com.au/PlugAdapter or they may call our Technical Assistance Center at 1800 089 681(Australia) or 00 800 5444 6600 (New Zealand).  These customers will be provided additional information and may request a replacement plug adapter from this site.  

Please note, current products that have the black triangle sticker affixed to their retail packaging, will NOT be eligible for return.


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