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Cordless Digital Phones (SIP)

IQ8000 IPDECT Series

Integrated IPDECTProduct Code: IQ8600


Introducing the new IQ8000 SIP IPDECT cordless system! Designed in Denmark and offering sophisticated features at a fraction of the price of the traditional integrated DECT system, the IQ8600 works on standard SIP and Asterisk servers and runs on the client's ethernet network.
Interquartz is proud to introduce our revolutionary integrated cordless CAT-iq* system that gives you effortless flexibility and mobility that won't stretch your budget. The IQ8600 offers you a compact and easy to install scalable solution that can grow from a single base unit up to 40 networked base units (with up to 240 handsets in a fully configured environment) with seamless handover. This system utilises CAT-iq, the latest in global cordless technology and can be configured to support seamless wideband audio from the SIP environment to the cordless handset.  
The product offers two modes of operation:
1) Standard mode
Provides a simple cordless phone that supports up to 10 handsets.  Supplied in this mode by default, there is no limit to the number of bases per site or per customer that can be deployed.  Each base can support up to 10 SIP account, each with its own handset. 
2) Multi-Cell Mode
Multi-cell mode is used to enable handsets to roam from one base to any other base in the Multi-cell group. Multi-cell mode offers live call handover from one base to the next as the handset moves, so that bases can be deployed around a site to achieve signal coverage.  In this way, the bases behave as a single system.  When the bases are working in Multi-cell mode, the following limits apply (using the current firmware v355):
* Maximum bases in Multicell mode (working as one system): 253
* Maximum handsets on one Multicell system: 1000

Attention resellers: this may be an important way for you to retain your old integrated DECT user customers who wish to make the transition to VoIP for their telephony needs.  The product comprises bases with built-in repeaters and an attractive handset with modern styling.  The maximum system size is 240 handsets with a multi-cell network of 40 bases, so affordable coverage of large sites is limited only by ethernet availability as the wireless range is the same as that for standard DECT.

Interquartz is pleased to introduce a solution for those clients who have been using traditional integrated DECT products but now want to go to VoIP for the cost savings. They will need a professional quality cordless handset with compatible infrastructure to support signal coverage, just like traditional integrated DECT.

* CAT-iq stands for “Cordless Advanced Technology - Internet and Quality”.  See www.cat-iq.org for more information.  CAT-iq was designed for IP voice services in next generation networks based on the regulatory framework of the DECT technology standard and focuses on high quality wideband VoIP and low bit-rate data applications. 
Using a Headset
Connect any Plantronics H Series headset with the 38541-02 cable.38541-02

Use the button on the 38541-02 cable to connect or terminate calls. 


Key Features

  • Cordless DECT CAT-iq technology
  • SIP compatible base
  • Broadsoft compatible
  • 10 handsets per base in single base mode
  • 8 handsets per base in multi-base network
  • Wideband Audio HDSP G729 (optional)
  • Scalable system from 1-40 bases
  • Up to 200 users (200 handsets registered)
  • Up to 30 roaming handsets can register to one base
  • Over the air synchronisation
  • LED status indication on the base
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Seamless mid-call handover for roaming
  • Repeater Support

Handset Features

  • 2" TFT Colour LCD display
  • Graphical display with wallpapers
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Headset Connector (3.5mm)
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Phonebook: 200 central and 100 local entries
  • Wideband two-way speaker phone mode
  • SW upgrade over the air
  • Vibe Alert
  • Belt Clip
  • Talk Time:  20 Hours
  • Standby Time:  250 Hours



IQ333SIQ8600 Brochure


IQ333SIQ8600 IP DECT Product Sheet


IQ333SIQ8600 Base Quick Set-up Guide


IQ333SIQ8600 Handset Manual Operations


IQ333SIQ8630 Handset Service Menu Manual


IQ333SIQ8600 How to Configure Gateway


IQ333SIQ8600 Quick Guide Multi-cell Setup


IQ333SIQ8600 Adding Server & Registering Handset Procedure


IQ333SVoIP System Description_SIP


IQ333SIQ8600 Firmware Upgrade Guide


IQ333SProvisioning of SME VoIP System (7)


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IQ8830Product Code: IQ8830

The IQ8830 is an IP65 handset compliant with the IQ8630 system, which target the industrial, hospital, hotel, secure and lonely worker verticals.IQ8830 HSCH



  • G722 codec for HD audio
  • G726 codec for narrow band audio
  • HD audio speakerphone
  • HAC compliant (TIA-1083)
  • Ambient noise reduction
  • Loudspeaker volume: >=100dBspl
  • Speakers insensitive to metal swarf


  • 2’’ 176 x 220 pixels 64k TFT display
  • 3 colour MWI LED
  • Min. 20 languages supported


  • 28 keys total including 5-way navi-key
  • 3 soft keys, 3 side keys
  • 1 alarm key on top
  • ON- and OFF-hook keys
  • IMD technology, with backlight


  • 3.5mm wired headset, Iphone compliant
  • Optional Bluetooth


  • 20 polyphonic melodies, 6 levels
  • Volume control, Silent ringer
  • Alerting volume, adjustable (low battery, low coverage)
  • Vibrator


  • Frequency bands:

    - 1880 - 1900MHz (EU)
    - 1910 – 1930MHz (LATAM)
    - 1910 – 1920MHz (Brazil)
    - 1920 – 1930MHz (US)

  • Range:

    - Indoor: 50m
    - Out-door: 300m

  • Power levels: 4
  • Two antennas, fast diversity
  • Encryption supported
  • 10 system registrations


  • Call list with 50 entries (All, received, outgoing, missed)
  • Speed dial
  • Central phonebook support (multiple LDAP server)
  • Local phonebook with 250 entries (3 numbers/name)
  • Date and time in Idle display
  • DND and CFx enable/disable from handset
  • Call waiting indication
  • Conference call, Call Swap support
  • Supports MobiCall messaging server for text and "man-down" functions (www.newvoice.com.au/mobicall)


  • SMS messaging, max length 200chars
  • Alarm generation from key, ManDown or Pull cord
  • Alarms list with colors
  • Storage: 35000 chars shared between SMS and Alarms


  • Size: TBD
  • Weight: TBD


  • Talk time: 17h(NB), 12h(WB)
  • Standby time: 200 hours
  • Battery type: Lith Ion
  • Cradle charging time: 6 hours
  • USB charging time: TBD

Adaptor plugs: EU/US/AUS/UK

  • IP65 compliant
  • Shock proof
  • Enhanced ESD: 8kV contact and16kV air
  • Operating conditions: -15 - 55 degrees


  • Drop height: 2m on concrete floor
  • Tumble test: 1000 x 0.5m
  • Keypad lifetime: 100.000 presses
  • Keypad abrasion: 70 RCA cycles


  •     EU, US, CA and AUS

IQ333SIQ8830 User Guide


IQ333SIQ8830 Brochure

IQ8630 Handset PouchProduct Code: Pouch

Handset Pouch to suit IQ8630 handsetIQ8630 Pouch