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FaxStream Duet and Fax Switches

What is a Duet Switch?

Duet Switch is designed to allow your Fax Machine to operate with the FaxStream Duet® service.  The FaxStream Duet® service provides you with a second number for your existing line. This service costs $6 per month and is available from your normal telephone service provider.  There is no installation charge and the new number becomes your Fax Number.  When Fax calls are made to the new number, a different ring is sent which Duet Switch will detect within 2 seconds.  It then connects the incoming Fax call to your Fax Machine.

What is a Fax Switch?

A Fax Switch is an Intelligent Telephone Line Switch that can detect an Incoming Fax Call on your existing Voice Telephone Line and switch it Automatically to your Fax Machine.  A Fax Switch should be used when your Fax Number is the same as your Telephone Number.

Two separate Fax Switch detection methods and products are provided, to cater for differing customer requirements:

  • Fax Switch 1 is designed to detect and process Fax Calls immediately after the incoming call has been answered by a telephone on the same line or after the call has been answered by an answering machine.  This method is called 'Voice Priority' as voice calls are handled without change or delay. 
  • Fax Switch 2 is designed to answer all incoming calls before they ring on your telephones.  Fax Switch 2 will detect and process Fax Calls without your telephones ringing and without the telephone having to be answered by another device.  This method is called 'Fax Priority'. 

Why Use a Fax Switch or Duet Switch?

  • Because it will SAVE YOU MONEY - Save up to $2500 in 5 years!
  • Fax Line Monthly Rental is constantly Increasing
  • Fax Line Installation Costs are Increasing
  • Fax Use is decreasing and many Dedicated Fax Lines get little use
  • Because a National Communications Switch will provide you AND your Fax Callers with a reliable, Fully Automatic Fax Reception solution

If you use a Multi-Line PABX System

  • You can move your little used Fax Line to your PABX to ADD another telephone line that can also be used to RECEIVE and MAKE calls   
  • You can move your little used Fax Line to your PABX to REPLACE the existing last line and SAVE the monthly rental of an uneccessary line

Duet Switch 1Product Code:
  • Provides for basic home use.
  • Is ideal for sites that use telephones connected to a single telephone socket.Duet Switch 1
  • Will operate with MOST but not all Fax Machines because some Fax Machines will not answer the short FaxStream Duet® rings.
  • Quick and easy user installation.

Duet Switch 2Product Code:
  • Provides enhanced facilities to ensure full operation for all telephone devices.Duet Switch 2
  • Ideal for sites that use telephones connected to one or more telephone sockets.
  • Can also allow reception of faxes sent to your normal number.
  • Operates with ALL fax machines, because it regenerates normal Australian ring.
  • Quick and easy user installation

IQ333SDuet Switch 2 User Guide

Fax Switch 1Product Code:
  • Is ideal for a single line Home Office or Small Office, where you receive Mostly Voice calls and only the occasional Fax call   Fax Switch 1 
  • It uses a 'Voice Priority' operating method which is totally transparent
  • This means that the normal use of the line is completely unaffected
  • There are no connection delays and your callers will never know that there is a fax or a fax switch on the line
  • It is designed for use with an answer phone  
  • It can be used with ALL other devices on your line   
  •  It can be used with ADSL on the same line, providing a good quality ADSL filter is connected in front of Fax Switch 1 
  • If an answer phone is NOT used, it is recommended that you use our alternative Fax Switch 2 or Faxability Switch products  
  • Fax Switch 1 is designed for quick and easy user installation

IQ333SFax Switch 1 User Guide

Fax Switch 2Product Code:
  • Is designed for single line use where your fax reception volume is regular (rather than occasional)Fax Switch 2
  • It is also designed for Businesses for use on a PABX system (see details below)
  • Can operate with or without an answering machine
  • Provides 'Fax Priority' and 'Voice Priority' operating modes
  •  'Voice Priority' operation allows for easy user installation
  •  'Fax Priority' operation is more automatic and may require installation by a technician

IQ333SFax Switch 2 User Guide