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Product Benefits

 What makes Interquartz phones different?

Exceptional Warranty Coverage

The Gemini Series and Enterprise Series are covered by 3 year and 6 Year warranties respectively. Both warranties cover both parts and labour. These warranties are exceptional in the current market.

Noise-cancelling Microphone

All Interquartz telephones have a noise cancelling handset microphone fitted as standard. This significant improvement over a typical handset provides exceptional performance in difficult conditions where high levels of background noise are prevalent. Such noise can disadvantage the user of a typical non-Interquartz telephone to such a degree that it may be impossible to conduct a conversation without the typical response we all display to high background noise while trying to hear the caller - plugging the non-telephone ear with a finger (not a good look!). The simple and elegant solution is to use an Interquartz telephone with its advanced microphone design.

Colour Stability in UV light

Since 1994, all Interquartz models have been manufactured with Ultraviolet stable plastics. This ensures that Interquartz telephones will maintain stable colours of plastics in tropical conditions or any sunny position.

Tropiguard’ treatment for Humid conditions

All Interquartz products are treated with the exclusive Tropiguard protection that ensures trouble-free operation in adverse tropical and/or humid conditions. The Tropiguard treatment protects the sensitive electronics within the telephone to reduce the electrolysis and corrosion normally associated with all electrical circuits in humid environments.

Durability and Quality

Interquartz first entered the Australian market in 1982 with the telephone models 9824 and 9834. Many of those early models are still in service today! This simple fact bears testament to the quality and durability of the Interquartz product. Since the first generation of products, the design and manufacturing technique employed by our engineering and manufacturing facilities has matured through the creation of four further families of products. The six (6) year warranty that is now standard for models in the Enterprise series is an indication of the trouble-free service which can be expected from an Interquartz telephone product.

Anti-Ring-Back (optional, not available in some models)

The Interquartz Anti Ring Back optional feature stops those annoying "Phantom calls". Customers who use telephones without Anti Ring Back behind a PABX often wonder why the phone rings back after they hang up. This happens because the system has received a "flash" signal from the telephone instead of a hang-up (a flash is the signal recognised by the system as an instruction to put the current call on hold).

Productivity increases when your staff can move smoothly and easily from one call to the next. The Anti-Ring-Back feature in Interquartz telephones ensures that the communications system knows when a call has ended and that a dial tone needs to be delivered. When users depress the switch hook on a modified Interquartz telephone, the PABX system receives a clear signal to disconnect the call due to the design of the Interquartz Anti-Ring-Back circuit.

Without this feature, a depression of the switch hook might produce a Flash function instead of a disconnection, and the telephone will "ring back" the user to ask for another instruction. All analogue telephones do not work the same way. In fact, no other analogue telephones provide Anti-Ring-Back circuitry to stop this annoying problem.

Try one to experience the difference it makes to your communications system.

Interquartz Telephones are World Products

The models now available in the Enterprise Series comprise members of a larger extended family of products manufactured by Interquartz for the world market including South America, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway and New Zealand. Investing in a product from Interquartz automatically entitles the user to an honorary membership in the international community of Interquartz users and qualifies him or her to comment and provide useful feedback for the benefit of all users. Such feedback from around the globe is gathered to improve the products according to the needs of the Interquartz user community so that the products never remain static or final; we are constantly striving for improvements in product design and manufactured quality. To this end, comments and suggestions from users are always welcome. If you have a specific request or suggestion, please call, email or fax us with your thoughts and we will be pleased to pass your comments on to our design team for further consideration.

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